The Wacky Dog Club With 5x Guarantee

The Wacky Dog Club Aims To Build A Community Of Conscientious Human Beings Pulling Together To Bring Awareness. Our Community Welcomes Wacky Geniuses, Daredevils, Zealots, Financially Savvy And Successful Humans. Come Join Us To Make The World A Better Place.

Why Wacky Dogs ?

Let’s build the future Metaverse !

Unique digital art

Our entire collection is 100% hand-drawn original art. Manually composed from over 40+ attributes & every Wacky Dog is totally unique.

Solid Community

We Are A Solid Community Over 5k+ Member On Discord & Almost 1k On Twitter. Join & Follow To Show Your Love

5X Guarantee

We guarantee a 5X return on your NFT within 6-months or your money back.

Our Collection

Item Collection ( Hidden )

The 5X Guarantee !

More Than a Risk-Free Money Back Guarantee

We understand that as NFT buyers, you don’t want your “money back” – do you?

No. You want your money to increase.

While our 5X Guarantee includes a money-back promise, we want to deliver much more than the value you spend during mint. This is our commitment to holders and to ourselves.

We guarantee a 5x return on your NFT within 6-months or your money back. 

There are two ways we define your return:
1) Floor price of collection on OpenSea.
2) Redeemable value through utility.

Explained: 5x floor price would be 0.15 ETH (5x 0.03 mint price). Redeemable value through utility is anything we offer holders with a measurable and verifiable monetary value. If we offer our holders a custom Hoodie priced at $65 retail, or a complimentary NFT, these items would be considered redeemable value. Using these methods to quantify value, we can guarantee a 10X value return.

We Have Just 3 Rules !

To protect our project and community, we have just 3 rules to qualify for a money-back claim.

Rule 1 – Mint From Public Sale
We require that you mint the token from this website during our presale or public sale. The timestamp of your minted token on the smart contract begins the 5x guarantee period which lasts 180 days.

Rule 2 -Do Not Transfer
The NFT must not be transferred to another wallet. If transferred, utility value will still be redeemable to whoever holds it but the NFT will become ineligible for any money-back claims.

Rule 3 – Never List Below .3 ETH
We require that you support the project by never listing the NFT below 0.3 ETH. This is the single best way you can support the long term value of the project and the only way we can offer this generous guarantee.

Can You Give 5X ?

Can you match our 10X energy? We can’t require you to commit 5x, but this project could actually 100X if our community shows up with the same level of enthusiasm, support, and passion. 

Let’s 5X together and take Wacky Dogs to the moon.

Disclaimer: This is not financial advice. This is not an investment contract nor a promise of profits. This NFT is a voucher for redeemable goods and services, and this Guarantee is a 100% money-back “return policy” on the NFT product. Limitations apply and criteria above must be met to qualify.

Our Roadmap

Our Exclusive Roadmap !

Our NFT is jam-packed with extraordinary utility for holders, giving you not only access to real-world experiences and exclusive merch, and but DAO membership that governs a real business. Founded by entrepreneurs who have already been running these exact business models with success, the long term value for holders is guaranteed.

Step 1

01. The official launch of the Wacky Dogs discord server and sneak peaks of our primary collection become available to the public. Our mindful community mission is launched, attracting waves of awakening souls from around the world.

02. WL competitions and major giveaways begin as the wacky dogs manifest success for the months to come.

03. The Wacky Dogs official website launches showcasing the full scope of project details and the first of 3 mindful NFT art collections.

04. Intention teams are established allowing members to choose purposeful roles in our community.

05. Robust international marketing campaigns on all digital platforms span the globe and scores of awesome people from every nation join our movement.

Q1 / 30%

Step 2

06. Official Pre-Sale Minting for The Wacly Dogs becomes available for whitelist members.

07. Re-investing funds from Pre-sale into marketing to create hype for public mint.

08. Public minting goes live for The Wacly Dogs. The Great Activation is upon us.

** Diamond Paws registration becomes available to access all next stages of the roadmap. ‍

09. Generous holder giveaways within weeks after the collection is sold out, including: - Holder giveaways (see discord) - We gave over 100 NFTs back to holders from the floor sweeps

10. Secure Exclusive Spots In Our Metaverse Club

Q2 / 45%

Step 3

10. Wacky Dogs Factions are established from character base attributes giving holders assignment to specific missions, raffles, and rewards.

11. Merch Collaborations - Wacky Dogs will team up with exclusive apparel & product brands to create limited collabs of IRL clothing & future metaverse wearables.

12. Wacky Labs DAO is formed.

13. Launch of online store with first drops of branded apparel and merchandise.

Q3 / 60%

Step 4

14. Wacky Fund community wallet established and funded with 8 ETH, dedicated to project developments and/or charities. All uses of funds will be voted by holder community.

15. Our team begins developing 3D metaverse-ready versions of our cats.

16. Wacky Labs hosts first of its kind NFT holder-owned Yoga & Adventure Retreat.

Q4 / 75%

Step 5

17. 3D Wacky Dogs are born and gifted to all Holders for free.

18. Ramp up marketing efforts and collaborations with other big projects.

19. All royalties from 3D Wacky Dogs collection go back to original Karma Fund community wallet.

20. Buy Land in the MetaVerse as our 3D Wacky Dogs prepare to enter the virtual world as avatars.

Q5 / 90%

Step 6

21. Wacky Dogs Own Metaverse Development !

22. Launch oF Our P2E Games

23 Wacky Labs propels forward as an idea incubator & alpha group that launches products, services, and NFT collections aimed to give members more utility and value long term.

Q6 / 100%
Meet our team

It takes two flints to make a fire.

Popular Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Our Most Frequently Asked Questions

There will be a minimum of 2500 Wacky Dogs available.
Mint price: TBA

We offer several ways for you to get on our whitelist for early + lower cost mint. Social media giveaways and discord levels/invites make it available for anyone who wants it. Please head over to our discord server and read the information channel # Get Whitelisted!

We are especially proud of the utility we offer holders. So much more than membership to an exclusive club. All holders of Wacky Dogs will gain access to the following benefits:

- Ownership in any Retreat & Apparel Brand by Wacky Labs
- Free Wacky Dogs NFT Upgrade (metaverse ready avatar)
- Guaranteed WL for all Next-gen Projects
- Exclusive access to Wacky Dogs in Metaverse
- All-Access Pass for Yearly Crypto Conference
- Holders Only Giveaways & Raffles (ETH, NFTs, Vacations, & Merch)
- Community Roles & Privileges in Wacky Factions
- Voting rights for Wacky Fund Community Wallet

and more!

1. Sign up for Metamask or Coinbase Wallet and download the extension on your internet browser.
2. Make sure you have enough Ethereum in your wallet to cover the total cost including gas fees.
3. On mint day, there will be a Connect button at the top of our website to connect to your wallet.
4. Click on the mint button and you will be prompted to sign for your transaction. There will be a fee associated with every transaction related to gas prices.
5. Once you have made your purchase, your Wacky Dog NFTs will appear in your wallet and on Opensea!